A couple of weeks ago I was asked to go over to the Isle of Lewis for a family shoot for House Beautiful magazine. Never one to miss the chance to spend a few days on the Outer hebrides, I packed up the van and Cameron, my youngest child and we set off on the journey over. We took the Calmac ferry from Ullapool to Stornoway and drove straight to the shoot location of Cross in the north of the island. We’ve spent many an October holiday break over on the islands in the past, but I’ve never spent too much time in the north of the island.

After seeing it, I’m sold on returning again. To say the beaches are uncrowded is an understatement. Beautiful dunes, turquoise sea, white sands and not a sole in sight.

The family shoot for House Beautiful magazine was heaps of fun. A gorgeous family with 3 young children having fun on the beach – a perfect way to capture natural family portraits. Afterwards, we stayed on for the sunset and explored what I think is one of the best playparks I have ever seen. Eoropie park even has its own website – it has been built into the dunes and it really well maintained and has so many little details like wood carvings and small standing stones. It’s a great place to visit if you not only like beaches, but also have children to occupy.


We took a drive out towards the lighthouse the next day and found a parking spot to die for. Our own little cove for the afternoon. The weather was unusually clear and sunny for our entire trip but I have to say that in October on the islands, there’s always a definite chill in the air. Its a great time to visit the Outer hebrides, but don’t forget your winter coat and warm boots!

isle-of-lewis-outer-hebrides-photographer_-2 isle-of-lewis-outer-hebrides-photographer_