Nothing easy is ever truly incredible. The best things come with time, persistence and the honing of skills and ideas over time. I have an interest in the night sky and have been working towards learning to photograph it well over the years. Seeing the sky at night, still and quiet and away from all light pollution is not something many people are lucky enough to experience.

I arrived for a week on the Isle of Skye having never walked up to the Old Man of Storr before. However, on my first day I walked up during the day and could see how a night shot would be amazing at this location and the idea remained with me. In the coming days I walked up every day to get to know the paths and different routes to various viewpoints and to ensure I would know my way and be able to walk it in the dark. Every night however,  the clouds rolled in as I waited patiently for a clear, starry night. The day I was due to leave, the forecast was clear, so I made the decision to stay on an extra night and waited till the right time to begin my walk. I arrived by at the pinnacles at 12am and successfully shot some stills and a couple of timelapses. It was worth the effort!