“As a landscape photographer living in the highlands of Scotland I seek to capture the essence of wild and quiet places like the Outer Hebrides and my home on Loch Ness. When I go out to photograph I like to be alone. Solitude is a very important part of it for me. In fact, it goes a little further than that. It is the solitude that allows me to be at my most creative and being alone revitalises me”

Working within some of Scotland’s most remote and wild places Margaret Soraya spends considerable time on the beaches of Harris. In her quest to capture the essence of these quiet places, Margaret frequently travels solo through the islands. Through a series of images, this exhibition explores how the healing power of solitude and the raw energy of the sea benefit artist and viewer.
 Photography gives us the precious gift of being able to step momentarily into another world, to lose ourselves and let go of our every day stresses and strains. It is my hope that viewers will be immersed in these images of Harris’ beautiful coastline – a wild land which energises in a quiet understated way.

June 1st – 30th

Talla Na Mara

Pairc Niseaboist

Isle of Harris