I use Lee filters all the time with my more standard lens but the 14-24mm Nikon lens is just that cut above any other lens for landscape photography. That extra width and superb sharpness can’t really be beaten by any other wide angle in my opinion.

It was my go to lens for many years but I always had the problem of not being able to fit filters to this lens with its bubble shape and non removable lens hood. So I sold my original 14-24mm a few years ago. I’ve never since found a lens that compares so I bought a new one a few months ago. It’s heavy and surprisingly big but nevertheless it has remained attached to my D800 now since I bought it.

Whilst attending the on Landscape conference in the Lake District recently, I noticed a stand by Linhof studio and ended up taking the plunge and purchasing an adapter and filter for the 14-24mm lens.



So here are a few images of the adapter and filter in use last week. Be prepared for the size of the adapter and filter – it feels it doubles the size of your camera!



margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-3-2 margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-3 margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-4 margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-5 margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-6 margaret-soraya-photography-lee-filter-review-7