I will be speaking at Harris Distillery on 13th August about my unusual lifestyle travelling solo and photographing remote Scottish landscape and how to pursue your own passions.You can book here: Guest speakers 

Here’s the talk description:

Margaret has a strong belief in following your intuition and living by what your true passion is. Whether that is photography, surfing, climbing or anything else that really makes you happy.

Her own relentless pursuit of the ideal lifestyle has led to many travel assignments round the world. From photographing lions on safari, African orphanage children, Indian coconut pickers to a volcanic eruption in Iceland. But she always returns to where her heart lies – in remote and beautiful areas in Scotland.

Her passion for the sea, beaches and dramatic open skies has led her to take haunting evocative photos in Scotland.

She has been known to have been seen shooting amidst a storm in the very early hours or on a paddle board in the midst of the winter to achieve these images. An adventurous spirit with a love of quiet places and the tranquility of image making.

Margaret will talk about her unusual lifestyle, travelling solo in a converted van to some of the most remote islands of Scotland. Hear entertaining tales about how she camped solo through the deserts of Arizona to learn time-lapse photography and then deployed those skills back on the Isle of Lewis, in order to capture the stars moving across the night sky above the Neolithic Stone circle of Callanish.

Come along and join us for an evening of time-lapse, video and lots of stories!
Date; 13/8/2018
Time; 18.30
Location; Harris Distillery
Cost; £5