I was in Morar for an property shoot recently and had planned on taking the ferry over to Skye the next day rather than driving round for another commission. The day was just fantastic with the first blue skies and sun we have seen for a while! The sunset was equally beautiful and conditions for landscape photography just at their best. A sense of quiet and peacefulness by the calm seas as I sat waiting for the sun to get low. Visitors were scarce as its just a few weeks before holidays begin so its always a great time to get away to areas such as Morar.
Around every corner that evening as another amazing scene before me and it as quite difficult to choose where to shoot from!

There was a dramatic change in he weather that night as the winds rose quite soon after dark and gales came in, ferries were cancelled and it was a long road round to Skye for me.

Morar landscape photography by margaret soraya -1 Morar landscape photography by margaret soraya -2