India travel photography - margaret soraya

It’s been a week of being shortlisted! I have been trying for many years to get somewhere in outdoor and travel photography competitions without too much success and then this week I got notification of being shortlisted in two separate competitions.

The first is Outdoor Photographer of the Year where I was shortlisted for the categories of ” Spirit of Travel” and ” Light on the Land” The second was notification of being a finalist on Travel Photographer of the Year for two sets of Portfolio images.

It feels like I am making progress in my work after years of learning and developing my outdoor and travel photography. It don’t even mind not winning – it’s really just nice to be making some sort of headway! I wouldn’t ever stop photographing what I love regardless. I don’t feel the need to be judged and I don’t feel the personal need to win. It’s a simple fact that winning competitions with a high profile opens doors and highlights your work hugely. There is nothing more that I want to be able to continue the work I do and to make it the main part of business and life.

As I speak I am on way down to the on landscape conference in Cumbria. The weather is stormy and wild and I will be staying in my van for a few days so hoping to get some shots in along the way. I will post images in a few days from the trip.