” Outside of a collegiate environment, as adults we still largely obsess to fulfil the idea that living in a constant state of unrelenting work is good.

The obsession is a quiet, subconscious, subtle cultural meme that we all inherently understand as members of our society.

And so we spend a significant portion of our lives tirelessly racing to an imaginary finish under the guise of “productivity” — only to realize that the finish line never comes.

Before long, we forget that life itself is about experiencing the journey — not racing to the finish.

And considering that we take so many measures to prolong the length of our lives and increase the quality of them, wouldn’t it logically follow that we ought to slow down each and every day, and escape this senseless “race” mentality? ”

A quote from Dave Ursillo which I love. So why use it in a post about a trip to Morocco? Simply because the thing that struck me most during my time in Morocco was the attitude of the people towards time. Everywhere you looked locals were standing around in groups, talking, sitting at the side of the road for hours for no apparent reason.

These shots are of the fishermen in Taghazout where we stayed. It soon became clear that only a small portion of their days was spent actually fishing.

I wonder whether we have a lot to learn from Moroccan fishermen…