glencoe-winter-margaret-soraya-photography-3I have passed through Glencoe on so many occasions I couldn’t even begin to count. It is a part of the road from my home in Drumnadrochit to Edinburgh or Glasgow and I am usually starting to flag a little at this point in the drive. However, with my final destination ahead I am just pushing on as fast as I can. I am constantly in awe of the scenery as I drive through this long, lonely, wild and pretty much always atmospheric place and usually question why I didn’t plan enough time to stop a while.
On my way back from a weekend in the lakes, I finally planned an overnight stop in Glencoe. I arrived a little late. Late actually means 3pm. In December in the Highlands sunset is 4pm so arriving at 3 leaves just enough time to find a place to photograph from and get there and set up before dark. The days are condensed at this time of the year.

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I was indeed kicking myself as I arrived in Glencoe from a wet dismal lakes district to a stunningly calm, snowy and and still Glencoe. Beautiful light everywhere I turned. I should have been there earlier.


I found a spot to stay overnight and set up a time-lapse as fast as I could with frozen hands but an overwhelming feeling of awe at the landscape.

The next day brought less than ideal conditions so I took a drive down to Loch Etive and did a bit of a reccie for my next visit to the area.

The road down to the loch took me an unusually long time to drive due to the amount of stops I made on the way.  I was being very quiet when I spotted a couple of deer close by them but that turned out to be totally unnecessary. They slowly walked towards me and seemed totally unconcerned by my presence. They were soon joined by two stags who only occasionally bothered to look up from their hilltop fight to see what I was up to. mck_9509 mck_9549

On the way back I found a fabulous place for a quick dip in a pool at the side of the road. I love swimming and being in water and there is something about doing it outdoors. However it was around 1 degree that day and the wind was fairly ferocious so I didn’t linger too long.

I did a pit stop in the glance mountain cafe for a hot chocolate and to warm up a bit. Deserted at this time – after the summer season and just before the ski season kicks off. I inadvertently had stumbled across the first van friendly spot I know. The mountain resort welcome vans to stay overnight in the car park and showers can be used for anyone for £1. They also have wigwams which I no doubt will get my boys to try out at some point.


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I’d really love to stay at the Kings House hotel in Glencoe but it turns out it has just closed for renovations. After 400 years of being open all year round, the week I decide to book into it it has just closed 2 weeks ago. I will look forward to seeing the fully renovated version of this hotel in one of the most fabulous locations ever.