Landscape presentation, SWPP, London 2018

During this Masterclass Margaret will talk about her unusual lifestyle, travelling solo in a converted van to some of the most remote islands of Scotland. Be prepared to hear entertaining tales about how she went to the United States to learn time-lapse photography in the deserts of Arizona and then deployed those skills back on the Isle of Lewis in Scotland, in order to capture the stars in night sky above the Neolithic Stone circle of Callanish. She will also talk about why she is prepared to stay out late at night in low temperatures and to rise early to photograph the dawn light.
Margaret Soraya maintains that the secret to capturing beauty in landscape lies in identifying your own passion, then it is just dedication, persistence and returning time and time again.
The underlying aim of Margaret’s talk is not to encourage others to follow directly in her footsteps. Instead she will endeavour to kindle the creative sparks in the audience, so that they too can identify what inspires them and then go out and incorporate these things into their own work and create a their own bespoke and fulfilling lifestyle.

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