In this world of fast communication, high speed tech and high speed lives, it appears that listening is fast becoming a rare commodity. As I sit writing course outlines and thinking through what might go wrong on a photographic workshop, it seems to me that is a fundamental need for photographers to be listened to. Everyone, no matter what level, has their own unique story, strengths and passions inside of them. We all have a completely unique slant on photography but most people have difficulty in defining theirs and putting that into use. The hardest thing is to find your own true unique qualities.

Everyone deserves to be listened to!

As a quiet young photographer many years ago…. if someone had taken the time to really listen and understand the driving forces behind my work, my real passions, I might well have progressed at a far greater rate. Or at least, not have given up photography for 10 years because I was disheartened and felt that I just wasn’t very good!

My real desire going forward with my own workshops is to help others in this. I found my way eventually but it has taken a very long time and its been a tricky road. I hope I can help just a few to find and unlock what is inside them and in turn help them create unique and powerful photographic work.  The only way to do this is to be quiet and listen….