The big question that often comes up – how do you find time to do the work that you are passionate about when the urgent / commercial work / full time job takes up most of your days. It is a universal problem and applies to most of us who have a passion of any description. Be that landscape photography, surfing, mountaineering, rallying. The list is endless. If you have something that you love doing, how do you find time in a busy life to do it when the sensible/ money earning side of our lives often takes priority.
The answer is never to wait till all the urgent work is finished because it very rarely is ever finished. You have to create time at all costs or the wonderful projects that make you feel alive and happy just won’t happen.

I am a full time professional and have been for 14 years now. With two boys who eat way too much and are growing alarmingly fast, to support, photography is my livelihood. I shoot corporate work and weddings to support the family but my true passion is landscape photography. Finding the time is not easy which is probably why I am writing this at 5am and very rarely take a day or an evening off.

But it is all worth it and I wouldn’t be without it – especially when I see the results of my work …..

I have just had the most wonderful few days finishing up my prints ready for framing for my exhibition at Talla na Mara in June. It was just amazing to spend some time with the prints of the work that I love so much and to see the process through to exhibiting moving along. With many thanks to The Printspace for their help in making these gorgeous fine art prints. Watch this space for more updates!