Every year I get very  happy around this time. It marks the end to a very busy summer shooting for me and a lot of the years income earned. Most of the summer is just spent with my head down working and editing.

Winter becomes very quiet and, although we might end up just scrapping through till next year, it means I have time. One of life’s most precious commodities, along with good health. I get to spend time with my boys, being outdoors, snowboarding, walking, paddle-boarding and photographing the landscape. As the years roll on, I feel that I get closer to who I really am and start doing things I should really have been doing all my life. It was 3 years ago that I first went snowboarding for the first time. Why I waited till the age of 40 do so I have no idea. I love the mountains and the rush of snowsports. I will never be very good but I will always enjoy learning.


I started travelling in my campervan 2 years ago. It is the most fabulous thing I have ever done. I feel most at home in my van and to let you into a small secret; I sometimes drive down the road about 15 mins and stay out overnight in it by the edge of the Loch just because I love being away in it and I sleep so well! Here’s one of the best parking spots so far on a trip to the Isle of Coll this summer.


I bought my beloved paddle board 3 years now and I have to say that the most serene I have ever felt is when I paddle out on a still, misty early morning into the middle of the loch and just sit all by myself. It’s hard to put that exact feeling into words. I guess it’s a bit like sitting on the summit of a mountain with the quiet scenery all around you.

Talking of which, just last week I was on commission for a hunting / shooting party in the North of Scotland. I inadvertently ended up doing something I have always thought looked great, but never quite got round to it. Hill walking. It reminded me so much of the years spent living in Ullapool and the quiet, remote scenery and also just how lucky I am to live where I do.



This year the start of the winter feels particularly exciting. Having just discovered a world of possibilities in timelapse and night photography as well as my usual way of shooting, I have a great sense of wanting to get out into the Scottish landscape as much as  possible.

I began yesterday with a walk up Meall Fuar-mhonaidh which is just 5 mins away from my house but I had yet to venture up onto. It’s another step towards slowly turning my life into one that is full of the outdoors and fully embracing everything Scotland has to offer. Pretty sure there will be lots of adventures to share with you this winter so follow this blog for updates or you can also see live stories on my instagram page!